Eggs are Funny!

Riddle: Why didn’t the egg play on the computer very much? 
Answer: His brain would be fried.

Riddle: How did the egg get up the mountain? 
Answer: It scrambled up!

Riddle: Who tells the best chicken jokes? 
Answer: Comedi-hens!

Riddle: What’s red, pink and blue with yellow all over? 
Answer: An Easter egg rolling down the hill.

Riddle: If fruit comes from a fruit tree, what kind of a tree does a chicken come from? 
Answer: A poul-tree!

Riddle: How do monsters like their eggs? 
Answer: Terri-fried!

Riddle: What’s red, pink and blue with yellow all over? 
Answer: An Easter egg rolling down the hill

Riddle: Knock, knock! Who’s there? Omelette. Omelette who? 
Answer: Omelette smarter than I look!

Riddle: How many eggs can you eat on an empty stomach? 
Answer: Just one, because then your stomach won’t be empty.

Riddle: Why did the egg go to school?  
Answer: To get “Egg-u-cated”.

Riddle: Why did the dinosaur cross the road? 
Answer: Because chickens didn’t exist yet!

Riddle: How do eggs stay healthy? 
Answer: They “Egg-cercize”.

Riddle: Why can’t you tease egg whites? 
Answer: Because they can’t take a yolk!

Riddle: What do you call an egg that goes on safari? 
Answer: An eggs-plorer!

Riddle: What do Chickens grow on?  
Answer: Eggplants!

Riddle: How do baby chickens dance?  
Answer: Chick-to-chick!

Riddle: What do you call an egg who is on the computer too much? 
Answer: An “Egg Head”.

Riddle: What did the eggs do when the light turned green?  
Answer: They egg-celerated!

Riddle: What kind of egg lives by the sea? 
Answer: An egg shell.

Riddle: Which city hatched Illinois?
Answer: Chick-ago.

Riddle: What did one chicken say to the other when they walked through poison ivy? 
Answer: You scratch my beak and I’ll scratch yours?

Riddle: Why did the chicken cross the road, roll in the mud and cross the road again? 
Answer: Because he was a dirty-double crosser.

Riddle: Where are chickens born? 
Answer: In Chick-ago.

Riddle: Why was the father egg so strict? 
Answer: He was hard-boiled.

Riddle: Why are chickens so neat?
Answer: Because they always have a comb!

Riddle: Why did the chicken lift weights?
Answer: She needed the EGG-ercise!

Riddle: Why do chickens rinse their mouths out with soap?
Answer: Because of all the fowl language!

Riddle: Why couldn’t the eggs go out on a hot summer day?
Answer: They were afraid they would fry!

Riddle: Why did Humpty Dumpty have a great fall?
Answer: To make up for a bad summer.

Riddle: Why do chicken coops have two doors?
Answer: If they had 4 doors, they’d be sedans!

Riddle: What did the egg say to the clown?
Answer: You crack me up!

Riddle: Why are chickens good employees?
Answer: Because they work around the cluck!

Riddle: Where does a chicken have the most feathers?
Answer: On the outside!

Riddle: What do you call a bird that’s afraid of its shadow? 
Answer: Chicken!

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